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Monday, September 08, 2008

Transplant Olympics

Lance stole my thunder; I was supposed to be the cancer hommie that made the big sports announcement this week. I missed the transplant Olympics this year but I plan to be there (at the transplant games) in two years 2010. Who I will represent will be negotiated by my agent (North Texas who wouldn’t transplant me but keep me alive now, or Northern California who saved my life).

I think I will compete in several of the Track & Field events, Bowling, the Virtual Triathlon, maybe some swimming events too depending on how the events are scheduled. I predict gold in the following track events:

100 yd Dash
200 yd Dash
400 yd Dash
Long Jump
Softball Toss

I predict I will medal in the Virtual Triathlon and bowling.
I will show in swimming but I need to work on that when I can, remember there are a lot of pool borne viruses I am trying to avoid all the time.

A link to the 2008 Transplant Olympics is below:

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