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Saturday, January 26, 2008

doc visits (child doc)

I had a first today, something I have not done in 2 years. I took one of my daughters to the pediatrician today (wearing a mask of course). I don't think I picked up any bugs while there but I was still nervous the whole time I was there. I can't live in a bubble though.

Monday, January 21, 2008

transplant doc visit

The visit to the Lung Transplant doctors went well today. I am still not at 100% lung functionality yet still hanging around 79 - 80% range right now so my goal for next months visit is to be at about 85% functionality.

Friday, January 18, 2008

oncologist visit

Was nervous about my visit today, I had nightmares that I would show up and they would tell me the cancer had returned. Fortunately for me that was just a dream, I still am all clear (cancer free).

I have also been asked to participate in Lung Cancer SPORE's as a patient advocate, I don't exactly understand my entire role but I am hoping to help effect change so we can gain a better understanding about Lung Cancer and how to detect it earlier and possibly derive better treatments.

SMU (Big Idea)

I want to participate in the SMU Big Idea program, but I don't know if old students (ha ha I am an old student now) can participate. The big idea I have involves spreading literature, awareness, and simply getting potential organ/tissue donors to communicate with friends, family, and LOVED ones. The most important thing to note when dealing w/ organ/tissue donation is communication is the key, signing up is fine but communicate your wishes to your family, or next of kin so there are no surprises.

Neurologist (Another doctor joins team Dash)

My Feet, My feet, my feet HURT. (A long lingering side effect from chemo (Ratt Poison #9))

Orthodics have not worked, so now I am attacking this neuropathy with new meds. (lidoderm patches, cymbalta). I think I will lean more towards the patches rather than taking the Cymbalta as I just don't won't to pop any more pills than I have to.

Oh well kick rocks.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy Birthday (you are two fingers now)

Ravyn had her second birthday on yesterday. It was not a big blow out just a few family members at Chuck E. Cheese we all had a blast, this birthday didn't make up for missing the first while out in CA but, things could have been worse. I could have been forced by circumstances to miss this one, Thank GOD everything worked out the way it did.