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Monday, May 18, 2015

Still here I want to go back to work now!


Good folk.  I haven't posted in a while, from now going back 13 months I have had too many spa visits.  I went into rejection March / April of 2014 .....and now the rest of the story...............
  • rejection had me hospitalized April
  • May more rejection and bronchoscopies
  • June emergency surgery appendectomy
  • July new cancer a rare unrelated cancer in the appendix
  • July had more stinking surgery a foot of colon and small intestine was removed
  • August  can't remember
  • Sept. more stinking spa visits
  • Oct 2014 - Jan 2015 more doc visits and bronchs
  • Feb 2015 more doc visits
  • April 2015 colonoscopy (another dang oscopy) 1 polyp bad it was clean (good.... get it a clean polyp out of the colon that is your a$$ NOTHING clean comes out of there.
  • May 2015 trying to return to work, but I hope to telecommute as it would be the safest way for me to work but my employer a govt. contractor in Fort Worth is not on board with the ADA approved accommodation request.  Note my lungs are stable but function a little over 30% and I have portable oxygen to use as needed.
That brings you up to speed, it is the abridged version of the last 13 months.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Another year...more medical stuff

Listening to CNN as they talk about Stu Scott and his cancer. They are talking about how rare appendix cancer is and how it is often over looked. I had my appendix taken out this summer after many trips to the ER and constantly complaining of stomach pain for more than a year...falling on deaf ears with doctors. The docs thought it was appendicitis but it was actually cancer a rare cancer…. It is like having lung cancer all over again. Now the doctors have found something on my liver (damn) what’s …. Pink eye on my feet??????