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Monday, April 08, 2013

LUNGevity name stolen by a CF patient

I am really frustrated and deeply disappointed that one of the organizations geared to helping lung cancer patients is having to deal with someone stealing their name.  Lung cancer patients don't have many organizations that fight the good fight for them.  It really cuts to the core that a local CF patient is trying to use the LUNGevity name to raise money for her personal fundraising effort for an up coming CF event in North Texas.  The sad thing is she sees no harm in using a name that people associated with lung cancer to now be tied to CF.  I am not bashing CF, but there is next to no funding for lung cancer.... heck when I go to several local stores I am often asked at checkout if I want to donate to CF.  I wish industry thought enough of lung cancer to take up a collection towards a cure when people checked out.  It is stealing to use another organizations name the way this person intends to.

LUNGevity name stolen by a CF patient

6 year Annual Post Transplant evaluation

6 year Annual Post Transplant evaluation took place over a week ago.  The evaluation went well.  Most lung test results were better than expected since there really isn't much data on lung transplant patients with BAC as their pre-condition.  I am still waiting to see if I set a new 6 minute walk record for Baylor (I moved from UTSW) I will have to keep you posted.