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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Life as a bachelor again

Well the honeymoon also known as Thanksgiving is over and the apartment is really quiite and lonely. Yep I do miss my girls. Their visit was great although I am bit rusty with diaper changing now since it has been several months since I changed a number 2 diaper. Fortunately I only had to do one number 2 diaper as I rode out my LC (lung cancer) card for much of visit when my daughter needed changing (I will have to make that up to my wife with something from Blue Nile soon).

Got my chemo on Monday it was a quick infusion the whole thing only took about an hour total. I haven't noticed any major side effects yet other than being tired alot and having to use the restroom often. Also it seems like my legs are fatigued; the kind of tired you get from hard track workout and doing a heavy leg workout in the same day.

It has been a long year, this time last year I had pneumonia (my diagnosis at the time) had just been promoted at work, was weeks away from the birth of our second daughter, a year away from completing my third masters degree. With all that I have been through I just wish my former primary care physician would have just owned up to the fact that they possibly should have done more test instead of quickly writing a prescription so they could get to the next patient.

Monday, November 27, 2006

No more Turkey Day

Well the honeymoon is over it is the end of Thanksgiving, I am no back to living as a bachelor since my family is on the plane back to TX and I am down stairs at the hospital wait my rat poison (aka chemo therapy). I don't know what to expect and am not worried if I am anything I am mad as heck dealing with this stuff after awhile makes you keep a chip on your shoulder (I have big shoulders thus a very big chip.) Oh well more to come later upstairs I go.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back on the Sauce

My recent visit with the cancer docs. revealed that the current chemo might not be working so well so I am going back on the sauce (liquid chemo starting Monday). I hope this doesn't have the side effects that the first sauce provided me. There is a bright spot associated with this chemo as I will get the cream from BALCO (joke) I will be getting some kind of steroid with this sauce. I think these steroids will decrease my workout time as I will now be able to do all the cybex stations at once instead of going from station to station (gym talk); I BETTER not have any shrinkage (muscle shrinkage that is :-) )

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

True feelings letting my hair down

Howdy I thought it was time I be honest with you all and let my hair down about cancer, side effects, and the wait 2 and half months now for 2 new lungs.

I have alot on my mind at times, other times it is totaly blank.

I just can't live the lie anymore

Cancer doesn't cause you to lose your hair it make you aerodynamic and when it grows back it is a mess to deal with

Not everyone can have long flowing locks of hair. Don't hate on the fro it is not my fault. What should I do straighten it out or mess up the furniture with a drip drip curl?

I found Donuts and other stuff too

Hey folks I have found some donuts they aren't the best Krispy Kreme but not like the ones you get in Winston-Salem mmmMMM now those were some donuts.

I have just been trying to patiently wait for 2 new lungs since all the scares at the end of October. I have come to the conclusion that I need to be comfortable being uncomfortable and expect Murphy's Law to happen at the most unexpected times.

I moved to the pre/post transplant apartment on last week. It is a nice 2 bedroom condo just in time too as the family will be down for TurkeyDay. I do hope I get to spend some time with my wife and youngest daughter but it looks like my oldest daughter will be monopolizing all my time (she is working on an Itinerary) so far on the first day of the trip I am to:
  1. take her to a movie
  2. go to McDonald's
  3. go to Chucky Cheese
  4. go to the library
  5. go horse back riding
  6. go to the candy store
  7. ride the train
  8. read 3 books

As busy as I will be it is a good thing I am right outside of San Fran. and can quickly get to Balco for some energy enhancing (Barry Bonds) cream. :-)

I will be at the doctors office on Thursday (cancer side of the house) getting more CT's scans before I go to work. I get them as early as possible for two reasons:

  1. You have to fast before a CT or PET scan and the quicker I finish the quicker I can stuff my face. Remember I found the donut place.
  2. Since I know I will get stuck over and over again with a large diameter needle as they search for veins that can no longer be accessed (painful) until they decide to use my port I feel it only fair to intimidate the people doing the sticking and let them have as bad a day as I since I will be the one with sore arms and hands all day.

That's all for now.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

CT results....Nov. 2, 2006

The CT scan from the other evening showed that the cancer involvement was still isolated to my lungs which was good news. I am still awaiting results from other test to see why my lab results were non-normal (it is possible that the medication is causing the lab result spikes).

Again the link to the Transplant governing body is

A link to the transplant data is

you will have to conduct your own query from the site a hint (you might want to search by state or region, then further narrow your scope by querying blood type, condition, age...)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pins and Needles...

I have been on pins and needles since getting some disturbing lab results on last week. These results have me going back and forth to the hospital for additional test and lab work this week. I had a CT scan late last night (waiting for the results) and will have further lab test latter this evening.