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Thursday, March 24, 2011

yet another PET/CT scan

My four year transplant(versary) starts on Friday. I have my CT/PET scan, bone density, abdominal aorta sonogram...and..other test including labs. I will be getting an extra test to check my CMV levels since I have been so tired an sick lately. I hope to meet with doctors from Baylor hospital in Dallas, TX next week during the lung cancer walk in Dallas on 4/3/11. I fell like UTSouthwestern has dropped the ball and no longer see me as patient I fell like a walking / talking medical white paper.

Oh well short post as I need to eat before the magic hour arrives hat means I can't eat after a certain time for fear that the food will mess up the pending test.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Anniversay (4 years post lung transplant)

I forgot that a few hours yesterday and today mark the 4 year anniversary of my lung transplant... on such an auspicious occasion as the only thought running through my mind is "Eat Shit Conservative Medical Personnel, Rick James".