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Monday, November 01, 2010

PET scan results

PET scan results today and hopefully and answer as to how I got an infection in my hand during the procedure. I hope to get all the facts and all the info. from these scans. I have lost confidence in the doctors at some of the doctors I see at UT Southwestern. I feel I don't get all the info. and I am often discussed in the third person since I am not invited to the clinical review boards where interesting cases are discussed. I have a boatload of question for the doctors today:
  1. I would like to get all the information available.
  2. I need some sort of plan B, let's plan for continual recurrences... how should this be handled.
  3. How would you handle my case if you were in my shoes or if one of your loved ones was in my position.
  4. What are the options for dealing with LC?
  5. What are my options since your chemo sucks and most hospitals are so conservative?
  6. MORE Questions to be added later depending upon the answers given.