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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

False Alarm

False alarm (for now) folks Bo did not get the transplant, so we shall consider this a minor glitch on the road to getting rid of the cancer. Some false alarms / dress rehearsals are good though because you don't want to get the wrong lungs and have even more medical stuff to contend with after transplant, heck it is hard enough adjusting to the lungs.... it has taken me over a year to somewhat adjust and I am still trying to find the new norm. One thing I will say is that it takes cancer patients who are fortunate enough to get a transplant longer to get back in shape after transplant if they have neuropathy in their hands and feet.

I will keep you all posted on Bo, I have not communicated with him as I am giving him space to make sense of what all he and the family just went through, and I know they are being bombarded with questions from friends, and family.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bo Got the Call

1712 CST
Hey Everybody just got a call from Bo he just got the call, I just spoke with him, Pray everything Goes Well, I will keep you posted as I get info. He was driving down and sounded calm and mellow and Christi was with him and doing well too.

2342 CST
up all night wondering how the procedure is going for Bo I hope this isn't a false alarm call (a false alarm call is a call that you get to come to the hospital for your transplant procedure and it does not happen for one reason or another. Examples of things that might stop the procedure would be if the donor lungs had some sort of undetected virus in them, if the recipient has a cold/virus or is running a temp, also for a lung transplant patient they check us over at the time of transplant to make sure the cancer has not spread to our lymph nodes if so the transplant won't take place.) Bo and Christi will be enjoying his new lungs in a few days once he is out of the ICU.

I now know how Stu (Lockheed Lung Transplant Buddy in California) felt when I called him to tell him that I had just gotten the call to come into the hospital for the transplant.

I will have to take a sleeping pill to sleep tonight.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

happy birthday to me

happy birthday SM

happy early birthday to BigFrog

Friday, April 25, 2008

More Storms

More storms here in TX, all these winds can pick up a house and move it away, I better type quickly before we lose power. Speaking of power I need to let the electric company and the people they subcontract with/to know that I am disabled (a respiratory patient) and need my power I need my dang Air Conditioning in the Summer (period).

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bo Got listed offically

Bo is officially on the list now; thank you Duke.

I will be taking my last antibiotic tonight from the prescription I was released from the hospital with.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I have been Broken

Not much to report, I am pretty boring. I have two more day of oral antibiotics so I can clear my system of the crude that has taken up residence in my lungs (pneumonia).

The girls have won, they have beaten me down, I need help b/c the two year old she is the ring leader nothing goes down without her approval, (I know most of the major characters in high school musical, bow wow wusby, wonder pets... and have a whole Dora the Explorer CD memorized) Go Wonder Pets......

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pluging along

  • I feel like I am on the mend from the pneumonia, slight rejection, and new virus
  • The many IV marks on my arms and hands are starting to fade so I don't look like a junkie anymore.
  • The girls are wearing me out as my wife is out of town on business, I need my partner back so we can tag team them WWF old school style (Junk Yard Dog, and Rick Flair)
  • Still trying to get in shape for the softball game, taking batting practice; my goal is to swing for the fence and walk the bases. SPEED KILLS

Friday, April 18, 2008

Dry post after the rain

  • I am fighting with the insurance company to stay on one of the medications that I have been on since my transplant; it is an antivirus med.
  • We had another storm of the century last night, From Winter to Summer, Texas weather at its finest.
  • Trying to get back in shape for my softball game on May 10th; Last Saturday my breathing was in the upper 70% range to the lower 80% range due to the pneumonia and bruised lung.
  • We did the zoo (Fort Worth Zoo) today and surprisingly I walked the whole thing while pulling a wagon. We also watched a little bit of the TCU Relays today, I wanted the girls to see a track meet and women athletes.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finally recovered from the Spa

Finally recovered from the Spa as I am not coughing up anymore clots of blood from my lungs due to the bronch, I am almost on a normal persons schedule without the around the clock IV bags, and the every 4 hour vital sign checks (which I can do without because if I were planning on kicking the bucket I would just call the nurses station and let them know my temperature was spiking or my blood pressure was out of whack....).

My wife returned home yesterday so I can manage the girls better, luckily everyone is potty trained (even me) but this is what I lived through when our girls were younger, also this is the main reason I can't go into medicine BECAUSE of the strong gage reflex I have.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I made the big leagues

I have been asked to play in a softball game on May 10th with the rest of my transplant homies, our victims will be local media and the battlefield / I mean ball field will be the Texas Rangers Stadium before the Rangers game that afternoon. For more info you can go to their website or the Southwest transplant Alliance homepage . I don't think I will play like I used to, I plan on bunting (not allowed in slow pitch softball), getting hit by a pitch, taking one base at a time, and also leading off so I don't have to run, also no sliding for me.

I am just worried about the drug test and hope they let the steroids (vitamins that the doctors prescribe to stave off rejection) slide, please don't make me testify in front of congress for this.

Free at last, so long SPA

I meet with the parole board yesterday evening and they granted me a conditional pardon... (I am on a new oral antibiotic for a few days, the plan in to treat the pneumonia, and the other virus and by doing so the slight rejection will take care of itself)...

Got out of the hospital, DROVE myself home (most of the time you need a responsible person to check you out of the hospital/Spa I guess I am a veteran and the feel I can handle the whole process)

Picked up the girls Raegan (aka diva1) and Ravyn (aka diva2) they were excited to see me, so we shall see how long the peace and harmony last because they don't like to get up early or go to sleep at bedtime.

I looked at my arms and hands today and I am a little worried that someone might mistake me for a junkie given all the needle wounds and bruises I have to remember this spa vacation.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Still at the SPA

Gloomy Monday not that it is raining but that I am stuck in this hospital, on the floor I am not to fond of... (long story there but the short version is they are always, always, always late with meds that need to be given on TIME)...

I have high hopes that I will be able to break free from my medical prison sometime today as I will be thrown to the wolves when I get home running the household by my self for two weeks as diva1 and diva2 think they can get over on me,

More lab work, and more IV's to come..... stay tuned.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back to the Spa

Well I got put in the hospital on Friday afternoon so I did not finish the second part of my one year transplant evaluation. I was running the fever 102+ post bronch and coughing up a good amount of blood. The initial test results from my bronch are pneumonia, slight rejection, and a new virus EBV. All in all this visit has been pretty uneventful so far. I am being treated for the pneumonia with heavy IV antibiotic drugs (note: IV drugs burn your veins really bad, worse that chemo I am having to get a new IV about every 18 hours because the IV antibiotics burn up my veins and HURT).

TV sucks, I am burned out on CNN still in hospital

Friday, April 11, 2008

Annual Lung Txp doc visit

Well it is April 11, 2008 first every lung transplant annual evaluation for me. Day two of my lung transplant evaluation is supposed to be today but we shall see what the day brings....

Recap of Day 1:
We were up and out of the house at 0 Dark Hundred (translation it is very early for two guys that aren’t morning folks or I am not a morning guy and James is retired now so he gets to sleep in OH I am jealous as I have A LONG TIME before I can even say retire). I was real tired as I was up since 0246 when the Typhoon / Sunami rolled through the DFW and knocked out power 4 times.

Traffic was a mess, we saw a lot of tree, power lines, signs, tractor tralers and other stuff along the highway that had been blown down in all the wind/rain/hail that we had last night.

  • We made good time and got to the hospital at 0720.
  • Got my blood work done I needed to eat I had to fill up darn near 20 viles of blood for various test, I NEEDED TO EAT, I ATE, forget the NPO stuff I ATE ……. Food was good two vegi-breakfast tacos and a large chocolate milk, nap time as I head off to the transplant clinic ( I can always catch a nap up there).
  • CT scan / X-Ray went fine
  • I got the Aorta ultrasound but had to reschedule the abdominal ultrasound because I ate….. and it was freakin' good too (no regrets the stomach gets what the stomach wants, feed the hunger)
    Back to the lung transplant (lung txp) clinic; saw the docs. More blood work was order (whoopee thrilled) then off to the bronch.
  • Bronch took place they had a hard time getting my IV started, one too many sticks… oh yea I got the shoot I always hate in the rear.
  • Oh yea ran a fever of 102 last night, I think it was b/c the bronch so I called the docs and I may have to be admitted into the hospital later today. We shall see, although a hospital visit will break my (Stay the hell out of the hospital streak).

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Day before lung transplant annual

Well folks my annual is on tomorrow so we shall see how it goes.

One of my buds rolled into town tonight and he will go to the doctors visits with me on Thursday and Friday. James helped me out tremendously before and after the transplant in California. I hope we don’t have to sit at the hospital too long on this week we have my wifes honey due list to get taken care of at home, watch some football (TCU has their spring game), tour the Cowboys old Stadium, take a tour of Lockheed so he can see the line where the F-16, F-22, and F-35 JSF are built, and church on Sunday if he is not still on CA time, many other DFW (Dallas / Fort Worth) things TBD (to be determined).

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Clinical Trial for lung cancer video

I finally got a chance to download and convert a video I participated in before the transplant. The focus of the video was about the need for lung cancer patients to participate in clinical trials to improve the care for future lung cancer patients; by doing so we can effect change (although slowly) within the medical community. Take a risk, the data gained might not help you but you can make the road a little less bumpy for the next person.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dallas Morning News (No risk factors, but they got cancer anyway)

Hello below is the link to the article I mentioned yesterday; I will try to post the content and pictures within this post soon I am having to work out some HTML issues.