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Friday, April 11, 2008

Annual Lung Txp doc visit

Well it is April 11, 2008 first every lung transplant annual evaluation for me. Day two of my lung transplant evaluation is supposed to be today but we shall see what the day brings....

Recap of Day 1:
We were up and out of the house at 0 Dark Hundred (translation it is very early for two guys that aren’t morning folks or I am not a morning guy and James is retired now so he gets to sleep in OH I am jealous as I have A LONG TIME before I can even say retire). I was real tired as I was up since 0246 when the Typhoon / Sunami rolled through the DFW and knocked out power 4 times.

Traffic was a mess, we saw a lot of tree, power lines, signs, tractor tralers and other stuff along the highway that had been blown down in all the wind/rain/hail that we had last night.

  • We made good time and got to the hospital at 0720.
  • Got my blood work done I needed to eat I had to fill up darn near 20 viles of blood for various test, I NEEDED TO EAT, I ATE, forget the NPO stuff I ATE ……. Food was good two vegi-breakfast tacos and a large chocolate milk, nap time as I head off to the transplant clinic ( I can always catch a nap up there).
  • CT scan / X-Ray went fine
  • I got the Aorta ultrasound but had to reschedule the abdominal ultrasound because I ate….. and it was freakin' good too (no regrets the stomach gets what the stomach wants, feed the hunger)
    Back to the lung transplant (lung txp) clinic; saw the docs. More blood work was order (whoopee thrilled) then off to the bronch.
  • Bronch took place they had a hard time getting my IV started, one too many sticks… oh yea I got the shoot I always hate in the rear.
  • Oh yea ran a fever of 102 last night, I think it was b/c the bronch so I called the docs and I may have to be admitted into the hospital later today. We shall see, although a hospital visit will break my (Stay the hell out of the hospital streak).

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