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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Free at Last Free at Last (Pseudo Free at Last)

Freedom; I am finally free from my prison (Stanford Spa) 11 days (FREED Monday Night) of sitting as a pin cushion. Still stuck in CA for several more weeks as this infection is treated with IV antibiotics in my apartment.

Note: to the public the "Free Jerrold" from the Stanford Spa campaign worked the hospital caved in :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Same old Song and Dance

I really have no idea when I will be getting out of this D_M hospital and am getting frustrated have gone AWOL twice now and probably will go for the hat trick soon (i.e. just put on my clothes and walked out for a couple of hours on the town) being in here since May 3 at this rate I will be hospitalized longer than I was for the transplant procedure.

Oh well back to my cell (hospital room)

Happy Mothers Day

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Still in the D_M Hospital

Port was successfully removed, and a picc line was um successfully inserted to replace the port (after four painful attempts). We shall see what today brings.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Yep still here in CA (Stanford Hospital)

Yep still in my favorite place (Hospital)
making slow progress the around the clock antibiotics seem to be working but recovery from a staph infection is slow for a normal person let alone recovery for someone who just had a bi-lateral transplant less than 10 weeks ago.

Surgery today at 1000 PST to remove my port-o-cath should be routine and only take an hour, then I will get a temporary pic line place in my arm.

No talks on getting out of the hospital yet, my hope is to be out of here this weekend and back in TX within the next 2 weeks.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No Rick James ____ Still Hospitalized though

Had a long day and if I need blood/lab work done in the morn. I will set it off with the person trying to stick me, I guess you could say at 5AM with no sleep for days the Phlebotomist pulled the wool over my eyes as she stuck me multiple time to fill multiple blood draw tubes. In the morn or future like I have always done if I have a port and an active open IV line it WILL BE USED or I will be sending another Phlebotomist off in a huff with hurt feelings and a good tongue lashing :-) Rick James style don't take it personally blood draw workers of America.

Found out that my infection (in the chest muscle) is a staph infection so right now the plan is to treat it with antibiotics. I don't anticipate leaving in the hospital until at the earliest May 12/13 weekend time frame and we still have not even began to discuss release dates. TX plans have not been re-worked yet.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Still Hospitalized

It is Monday and I am still in the hospital with a pretty bad infection in my chest. I have now been stuck with more needles and had more biopsies than I ever wanted. Two needle sticks that I have had that really were not that bad was / were the fluid drain from my knees and the insulin shots I have to give me self in the stomach (in the grand scheme of things and after everything else they were not that bad.).

I don't have any idea when I will get back to TX now, as I am in an isolated room and have dealt with more doctors since I was admitted on Thursday of last week than I have dealt with all year (popularity stinks).

Friday, May 04, 2007


Seems I couldn't get out of here without being hospitalized. I was admitted on yesterday with diabetic symptoms (probably brought on by all the medicine I take). I am hopping to be out of here today after more test (Jerrold going away party is tonight); also we are scheduled to fly back to TX Sunday morn Only time and more medication will tell.