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November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2nd Day back at work.

Yesterday was a bust, I had no energy and limped through the day as I attempted to go back to work after a week off post surgery (11/7/11).

Last week at a glance.
Surgery, I thought I would be getting an RFA procedure but going in they informed me it could either be RFA/ or / Microwave. When I woke up sore throat and all (incubation) with more IV's than I started off with I found out that the doctors did a Microwave procedure on only one nodule they think the other might be left over scar tissue from the wedge resection of 2009. I went home high as a Kite that night in the dark, in the rain with a nervous chauffeur (thank you morphine).

Sore as if I was still playing football going through preseason (abs and back were really sore), also deep breaths hurt. Lots of naps.

Rested most of the day, soreness decreased, took off bandage on my back (it stayed 12 hours longer than it should have), showered and I can't really see the incision from the Microwave.

Resting, soreness lessening, breathing is getting better.

Repeat of Thursday Saturday Did the DFW lung Cancer walk, I walked the 1 mile course it hurt, I was tired very tired afterward. The event turnout was has more participants each and every year.

Monday, November 07, 2011

microwave instead

No RFA today, I was given a microwave procedure on on of the nodules. We will watch the othe nodule as it is right on the line from the wedge resection I had in 2009. CT scans in 3 months.

I am sore and tire but at home so off to bed my belly is full. to quote Autin Power's "I'm a fat b4st4rd".


Heading to UTSW for an RFA procedure on my two nuts (actually the nuts are what I call these two spots on my right lung) Let's keep this brief post G rated. Time to hit the highway and fight mad traffic.