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Friday, November 27, 2009

day after turkey day

Enjoyed my Turkey Day, I ate in moderation I have to start my training table in order to be ready for the transplant Olympics this summer. I am thankful for those special people around me and to still be alive upright and vertical raising heck and embarrassing the girls with my air horn (at soccer games, dance recitals, spelling bees, basketball games well maybe not the basketball game too much echo, swim class....)

week in review
  • I got my swine flu shot on Monday
  • The CT scan on Monday was not too bad, no IV contrast sickness thanks to my NAC pills; I will get the results 12/14/09
  • No black Friday for me unless you count the darkness the grayish / black I see (or don't see) when my eyes are closed and I am asleep.
  • The Parade of Lights in downtown Fort Worth was pretty exciting the girls had a fun time, they got so excited when they saw Santa at the end of the Parade.

Monday, November 23, 2009

CT scans today

Getting ready to head out to Dallas, TX in all this fog. Bad weather is not good for people used to the heat and sun. A couple of Dallas doctor visits ago when driving in bad weather on a bumper to bumper highway parking lot I was tailgated and rear ended. How the HECK do you run into someone when the traffic is moving 5 mph??? Oh well we shall see what today's trip brings. I do however feel nauseous already, I wonder how bad I will feel after going through multiple failed IV attempts and ingesting all those shell fish (i.e. contrast dye) for the CT scan.

At the lg txp doctors in Dallas, the CT was painless today and I tolerated the IV contrast; however I am disappointed to know that a member of the post transplant team is leaving it is hard to train new doctors to what your medical condition is and to understand your unique personality.

PFT's were good I am 60% of a normal health person with two good lungs; I think I would be about 67% or maybe 73% if I had two full lungs.

My testosterone was in increased, I am mixing it with the steroids; it is not having much effect on me, I am still green, very green although I want to argue with everyone I even had an argument with myself on the drive over to Dallas today... I think I won the argument

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lab Work Day

I had my lab work today (normal stuff for the transplant team) with an extra tube drawn (for the endocrinology team). They are checking my Testosterone levels (side effect of too much chemo Rat Poison).

The cocktail of steroids and testosterone is turning me green.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wfaa news story

A story of hope and perseverance, fighting cancer, surviving a bi-lateral lung transplant, and beating back the swine flu. This story was well done by wfaa news 8 in the DFW. The reporter was Shelly Slater and her videographer Alan.

I might one get a SAG card (screen actor guild);....
"What chew talking 'bout Willis"

Spam or What...

I gave of potted meat (i.e. spam) along time ago even when I was a starving college student....(side note to self I am still a starving college student remember my back pockets look like a cute young couple all hugged up together).... Anyway I always get this spam / these comments captured below which is why I filter my comments. I don't understand it translate please.
I think it is an automated computer program that got a hold of my blog address and randomly sends out spam to e-mail addresses and comment accepting websites throughout the Internet.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tough Love

Looks like I have a couple of cancer patients and transplant patient that will soon get to join the Jerrold Tough Love Boot Camp. It doesn't cost much at all. I only require these participants to have a good ear, or the ability to read lips. It would be nice if they had some back, junk in their trunk, behind, butt, hind pocks......BUT we all know that is the first thing to go when you find out you are terminal, have cancer, or need a life extending organ transplant. Remember my behind divorced me when I was diagnosed, we had a long conversation but my butt in the end said it could not stay in such an unhealthy relationship. I do get a card from my rear every now and then, my dip has apologized for allowing my back pockets to touch even though he says he has no intentions of coming back anytime soon... Sorry I digress the butt tale was just my way of saying I will be chewing on these other guys / gals ears rather than kicking them in the butt during my tough love boot camp. You have people working hard to keep you around so it is okay to mope at night for a little bit but in the morning it is game on you need to be about the business of living. I hope this boot camp is successful simply b/c the this Unhealthy highway is a rough road that could definitely benefit from some of this (Stimulus Money), it is not scenic like the Healthy Highway that intersects it.

I will need my students to stage an intervention one day, to chew on my ear and get my RearLess body moving especially when I don't want to. One day grasshopper the student will become the teacher.

There is no beginning or end.. Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can't get the shot, Can't find the shot H1N1???

I seem to be spinning my wheels, wasting my time trying to find the H1N1 shot, and anyone to give it to me. The H1N1 vacine seems to be as illusive as big foot or the Locheness monster. I have asked many if not all the providers that I see and it seems I am getting the party answer, “if we get it, if we don’t run out, blah blah blah…..”; I am not going to worry about it my H1N1 care will be as it was before when the Type A flu loomed within my household, REACTIVE and 10 times more expensive (time, money, and pain). If I don't get the vacine I will keep staying away from large groups.

UT Southwestern, for instance, requested 157,578 doses. The state shows shipping orders for 12,050 doses. But the hospital has only received 3,500 doses, spokesman John Walls said.

Source: From

Nov. 10, 2009

Sunday, November 08, 2009

post - DFW Lung cancer walk

Raegan and Ravyn on the trail as I am running behind them multitasking (drinking water, taking pictures, trying to catch my breath, all the while reciting "I think I can.. I think I can").
The second picture is post race, we just did the 3k again this year so they could play in the bounce house and because I was really tired.
The walk was great I really enjoyed it even though I had to bribe the girls to not give me a hard time. I ran a little late for the opening ceremonies which is why I had to again bride the girls so I could make it at all. I had a great presentation to give but, it fell by the waist side once I got up to speak and start the race off. I hope to be better prepared next year if I am asked back. I got in some short burst sprints along the trail as I was pushing my youngest daughter on her bike and chasing the oldest so she would not get out of my line of sight. Katie did a fantastically awesome job along with the other Lungevity staff and volunteers.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

DFW Lung Cancer walk Today

I am getting ready to head out to the DFW lung cancer walk today. It is a bit breezy and only about 67 degrees out some I am still on the fence as to whether or not I am going to take the girls bikes so they can ride them. The bike thing will be a game time decision. I am also happy that my wife has finally returned home from her business trip that lasted several weeks. Life as a single SICK parent is TOUGH.

Oh well heading out now and yes my feet hurt (HURT)... I will have to publish older blogs now that I have some time.

Monday, November 02, 2009