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Friday, November 27, 2009

day after turkey day

Enjoyed my Turkey Day, I ate in moderation I have to start my training table in order to be ready for the transplant Olympics this summer. I am thankful for those special people around me and to still be alive upright and vertical raising heck and embarrassing the girls with my air horn (at soccer games, dance recitals, spelling bees, basketball games well maybe not the basketball game too much echo, swim class....)

week in review
  • I got my swine flu shot on Monday
  • The CT scan on Monday was not too bad, no IV contrast sickness thanks to my NAC pills; I will get the results 12/14/09
  • No black Friday for me unless you count the darkness the grayish / black I see (or don't see) when my eyes are closed and I am asleep.
  • The Parade of Lights in downtown Fort Worth was pretty exciting the girls had a fun time, they got so excited when they saw Santa at the end of the Parade.

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