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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can't get the shot, Can't find the shot H1N1???

I seem to be spinning my wheels, wasting my time trying to find the H1N1 shot, and anyone to give it to me. The H1N1 vacine seems to be as illusive as big foot or the Locheness monster. I have asked many if not all the providers that I see and it seems I am getting the party answer, “if we get it, if we don’t run out, blah blah blah…..”; I am not going to worry about it my H1N1 care will be as it was before when the Type A flu loomed within my household, REACTIVE and 10 times more expensive (time, money, and pain). If I don't get the vacine I will keep staying away from large groups.

UT Southwestern, for instance, requested 157,578 doses. The state shows shipping orders for 12,050 doses. But the hospital has only received 3,500 doses, spokesman John Walls said.

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Nov. 10, 2009

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  1. Jerrold, have you asked your oncologist about this? I'm not allowed to have flu shots of any sort in case I get an infection. My husband does have to have the shots in case he gets sick and passes it to me.

    Last year he had the shot and then got sick for 10 days. Poor baby. But I was all right. I always feel I'm full of too many chemicals to get sick.

    Your family should be vaccinated. And staying away from large groups is a good idea.


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