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Monday, November 23, 2009

CT scans today

Getting ready to head out to Dallas, TX in all this fog. Bad weather is not good for people used to the heat and sun. A couple of Dallas doctor visits ago when driving in bad weather on a bumper to bumper highway parking lot I was tailgated and rear ended. How the HECK do you run into someone when the traffic is moving 5 mph??? Oh well we shall see what today's trip brings. I do however feel nauseous already, I wonder how bad I will feel after going through multiple failed IV attempts and ingesting all those shell fish (i.e. contrast dye) for the CT scan.

At the lg txp doctors in Dallas, the CT was painless today and I tolerated the IV contrast; however I am disappointed to know that a member of the post transplant team is leaving it is hard to train new doctors to what your medical condition is and to understand your unique personality.

PFT's were good I am 60% of a normal health person with two good lungs; I think I would be about 67% or maybe 73% if I had two full lungs.

My testosterone was in increased, I am mixing it with the steroids; it is not having much effect on me, I am still green, very green although I want to argue with everyone I even had an argument with myself on the drive over to Dallas today... I think I won the argument

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