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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who the Hell re-engineered the Microwave

Blew up my oatmeal (eating healthy counting calories) in the industrial strength microwave at work, how many engineers does it take to heat up oatmeal ??? they don't eat oatmeal just tada chips M&M's and MoutainDew

Getting ready for my lab work Saturday in anticipation of the oncology visit on Monday (I will give them my right hand this weekend and my left hand on Monday for the blood draw I will give for my transplant doc visit)

Finally set up an apt. w/ an endocrinologist here the last time I saw one I was at Stanford. Will probe the problem about the effects this prednisone is having on the body (high sugars, and gynecomastia)

Will try the mask (CPAP) out tonight I don’t like it at all and I see where it can cause its users to become dependent on it.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tour of texas

I ain’t gona ask no stinking directions, I studied the map and memorized three routes to get to our destination (shortest route, quickest route, and the least traveled route) like I always do and have always done. Our destination moved, seems like NRH2O has moved and they forgot to tell me and everyone else in N. Texas about the move, I was right they were wrong. Oh well we didn’t get to play in the water yesterday, but it is probably for the best as there is some virus in the public water parks in the DFW area right now. Since the water park moved we toured North Texas yesterday or until I could not take the nagging and seat kicking anymore (ice cream solves all problems…).

I am out of the dog house since it is not my fault that NRH2O moved, we will take another tour of Texas and hopefully find the park in August when Dora the Explorer is there.

It is Hanna Montana night tonight in 3D, I can’t seem to get these Hanna Montana songs out of my head, and I really shouldn’t know who the Johnas Brothers are …

Still feeling a little scratchy in the throat I will have to see what the results of the nasal wash are that I had done yesterday.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still can't do the mask

I still can't wear the sleep mask, I might try again in a few days, right now I have to figure out if I am coming down with something as my throat fills scratchy (I will have to go to my stash of antibiotics). Lately I have been coughing up a little bit more crude than usual I have to go to the lab and produce a nasal wash specimen so we can find out what is going on with the throat and stuff I am coughing up.

You know I am just going to have to wear my mask MORE even though kids say the darnedest things and ADULTS say the DUMBEST things.

The more push-up I do the bigger my chest gets, which under normal circumstances would be a good thing but with all the scar tissue and the masses on both chest it speaks to body image conscious problems. I have figured out a way to surpass my goals of 15 miles per week and 500 push-ups I just walk a mile and a half 3 times per week at lunch and do 100 push-ups each day I walk at lunch and my goal will be easily reached along with the night time work outs.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pink Eye Again

What the Heck. Pink Eye has struck again at the day care and I am scared as heck to drop the girls off or even pick them up for that matter. Where is my Has mat suit. I have started carrying some wipes and a container of waterless foaming soap into the daycare with me everyone has to wash their hands before getting in the truck to go home, I am also schooling the girls on the 2 and a half minute rule. Daddy has 2 and a half minutes that he is willing to stay in the daycare so get your stuff and lets go home to stay out of the Spa (hospital) I have to drop off and pick the girls up from daycare using the drive by technique.

This is a bad summer for all daycare facilities as we had a very Pink Eye, Strep throat and other things, I hope we get some cold weather this year.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pins and needles in the morning

Well I have more blood work in the morn, I think I will let them take it out of my left hand tommorrow. It seems that one of the levels created by one of the immunosupresant drugs is low, so I have had to increase my dosage of that pill to incresae my suppression levels.

On a brighter note, I am getting my workouts in 2.5 miles tonight (mostly walking with a little jogging VERY LITTLE JOGGING, I think I will set a goal to get in 15 miles a week on the track and about 500 angled push-ups per week when I am working out outside.

Bo is on they mend best news of the day

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back Again in Fort Worth

Back in Fort Worth, after doing downtown San Antiono and a brief stop in Austin to visit relatives and see my old stomping grounds (house, junior high, and high school).sleep. I am happy that I was able to keep up with the family for this trip and most importantly I stayed out of the hospital. I will start wearing the the CPAP machine tonight (below is a picture I took with my cell phone while going through my sleep study, this thing is unfomortable at best).

Help again

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I made it

I am not too tired from the travel, looks like I am on the road back, best of all I stayed out of the Spa (hospital).

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Travel Day

Back in Fort Worth, after doing downtown San Antiono and a brief stop in Austin to visit relatives and see my old stomping grounds (house, junior high, and high school).

Children's museum pictures

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pictures from SeaWorld

A few pictures that I would normally have e-mail to my dad then other family members, since he is no longer with us I will just post some of them here. The vacation pictures are a first for us as this is the first family vacation we took, keep in mind that Ravyn has only know a sick cancer stricken dad since she was 3weeks old, and before my diagnosis I was in school. Oh well here are the pics.........

The girls and me winding down after a long day at the park with lots of sun, fun, and WALKING
Dinner with Shamu, give me cake mama
Let there be cake, Mmmm this sugar high can't be beat
Wazzzup! How u doing!

With gas prices going up, up and away this was the best way to get around
A new family member
Brush your teeth and rinse
Waiting on the fireworks, before we get rained on
Eating fish, watching fish (killer whales)

Long Day at The Park

Today was a long day but I made it through today like I made it through yesterday. Sea World you can not beat me.

Today we ate Shamu, we ate whale (well) I have really been craving some nice grilled seafood, with summer comes lots of salads for me so I grill fish and put in/on my salad when it is to hot; speaking of salad I had a nice salad today at sea world, and yes fish did come with the salad, what do you expect it is sea world, .... don't dial the last digit to your animal rights group, I shouldn't say fish we had Shamu..... not to eat but to eat with us as part of the dine with Shamu package we participated in.

My feet are tired but I made it through the day and went on every ride that a heart / respiratory patient should stay away from.

Friday, July 04, 2008

The Stars at night Shine BIG & Bright

You know the song, you heard it on PeeWee's Big Adventure... Narf...

I am almost back, one small trip for mankind, a semi-long drive for a transplant / cancer survivor. I drove the nearly 300 miles from Fort Worth to San Antonio by myself, welcome back stamina, I have missed you. The girls handled the ride well, and Rhonda did too, only giving me directions once or twice or maybe three times.... directions I don't need no stinking directions I have enough gas to drive for hours eventually we will find the hotel.

Took the girls swimming and there was enough chlorine in the pool to bleach your clothes and burn your eyes; the girls are now blond (just kidding).

Sea world or bust tomorrow gotta rest up so I can walk the park, enjoy the rides, eat, and carry the girls or push the wagon/stroller after the heat and excitement beat them down.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bo got a new Apartment at the Spa

Bo is still in the hospital but out of the ICU. Progress is great

On the fourth I will challenge myself as we are going on a family vacation to SeaWorld, I hope I can handle the crowds, heat, and I might jump in the water with the fish.

Funny video about the hate naturally bald people have for cancer patients.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tag Team

My wife is home, normalcy will soon follow, we will wear clean clothes no more hole is our socks, our hair will be done, I will shave, oh yea and we will have cooked food (no more raw meat survival of the fittest) this was a ha ha joke please don't report any of the above fiction to Texas CPS as they have meet their mistake quote for the year.
I made it staying alive, no hospital, knock on wood, my throat hurts but the girls and I survived her long business trip.