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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Long Day at The Park

Today was a long day but I made it through today like I made it through yesterday. Sea World you can not beat me.

Today we ate Shamu, we ate whale (well) I have really been craving some nice grilled seafood, with summer comes lots of salads for me so I grill fish and put in/on my salad when it is to hot; speaking of salad I had a nice salad today at sea world, and yes fish did come with the salad, what do you expect it is sea world, .... don't dial the last digit to your animal rights group, I shouldn't say fish we had Shamu..... not to eat but to eat with us as part of the dine with Shamu package we participated in.

My feet are tired but I made it through the day and went on every ride that a heart / respiratory patient should stay away from.

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