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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who the Hell re-engineered the Microwave

Blew up my oatmeal (eating healthy counting calories) in the industrial strength microwave at work, how many engineers does it take to heat up oatmeal ??? they don't eat oatmeal just tada chips M&M's and MoutainDew

Getting ready for my lab work Saturday in anticipation of the oncology visit on Monday (I will give them my right hand this weekend and my left hand on Monday for the blood draw I will give for my transplant doc visit)

Finally set up an apt. w/ an endocrinologist here the last time I saw one I was at Stanford. Will probe the problem about the effects this prednisone is having on the body (high sugars, and gynecomastia)

Will try the mask (CPAP) out tonight I don’t like it at all and I see where it can cause its users to become dependent on it.

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