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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tour of texas

I ain’t gona ask no stinking directions, I studied the map and memorized three routes to get to our destination (shortest route, quickest route, and the least traveled route) like I always do and have always done. Our destination moved, seems like NRH2O has moved and they forgot to tell me and everyone else in N. Texas about the move, I was right they were wrong. Oh well we didn’t get to play in the water yesterday, but it is probably for the best as there is some virus in the public water parks in the DFW area right now. Since the water park moved we toured North Texas yesterday or until I could not take the nagging and seat kicking anymore (ice cream solves all problems…).

I am out of the dog house since it is not my fault that NRH2O moved, we will take another tour of Texas and hopefully find the park in August when Dora the Explorer is there.

It is Hanna Montana night tonight in 3D, I can’t seem to get these Hanna Montana songs out of my head, and I really shouldn’t know who the Johnas Brothers are …

Still feeling a little scratchy in the throat I will have to see what the results of the nasal wash are that I had done yesterday.


  1. Hrm... I've been on a few of those tours with my SO. He KNEW where we were going, but the streets ran in the wrong direction. Or the stop sign weren't in the right places....
    We didn't tour all of Northern Texas though.

  2. Hi Jerrold and family. Great to read things are going well for you all.



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