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Friday, July 04, 2008

The Stars at night Shine BIG & Bright

You know the song, you heard it on PeeWee's Big Adventure... Narf...

I am almost back, one small trip for mankind, a semi-long drive for a transplant / cancer survivor. I drove the nearly 300 miles from Fort Worth to San Antonio by myself, welcome back stamina, I have missed you. The girls handled the ride well, and Rhonda did too, only giving me directions once or twice or maybe three times.... directions I don't need no stinking directions I have enough gas to drive for hours eventually we will find the hotel.

Took the girls swimming and there was enough chlorine in the pool to bleach your clothes and burn your eyes; the girls are now blond (just kidding).

Sea world or bust tomorrow gotta rest up so I can walk the park, enjoy the rides, eat, and carry the girls or push the wagon/stroller after the heat and excitement beat them down.

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