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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pink Eye Again

What the Heck. Pink Eye has struck again at the day care and I am scared as heck to drop the girls off or even pick them up for that matter. Where is my Has mat suit. I have started carrying some wipes and a container of waterless foaming soap into the daycare with me everyone has to wash their hands before getting in the truck to go home, I am also schooling the girls on the 2 and a half minute rule. Daddy has 2 and a half minutes that he is willing to stay in the daycare so get your stuff and lets go home to stay out of the Spa (hospital) I have to drop off and pick the girls up from daycare using the drive by technique.

This is a bad summer for all daycare facilities as we had a very Pink Eye, Strep throat and other things, I hope we get some cold weather this year.

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