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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pictures from SeaWorld

A few pictures that I would normally have e-mail to my dad then other family members, since he is no longer with us I will just post some of them here. The vacation pictures are a first for us as this is the first family vacation we took, keep in mind that Ravyn has only know a sick cancer stricken dad since she was 3weeks old, and before my diagnosis I was in school. Oh well here are the pics.........

The girls and me winding down after a long day at the park with lots of sun, fun, and WALKING
Dinner with Shamu, give me cake mama
Let there be cake, Mmmm this sugar high can't be beat
Wazzzup! How u doing!

With gas prices going up, up and away this was the best way to get around
A new family member
Brush your teeth and rinse
Waiting on the fireworks, before we get rained on
Eating fish, watching fish (killer whales)

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