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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

cold day

It is cold today, the best thing that has happened to me was getting the call from the Spa. I got a call from the dermatologist and they are able to move my appointment to Dec 8th. It appears I have an interesting spot on my back and stomach so the transplant doctors and cancer doctors want me to get these check-up. STILL CANCER free NO Skin Cancer

Monday, December 01, 2008

At the Spa

I am at the Spa getting a tune-up. Actually I am getting checked over since I went down hill on Thanksgiving night (I also felt bad as I experienced BLACK FRIDAY and watched all the money go out the window). I am just seeing the lung transplant doctors today. I did bring my lunch and will not be eating anymore hospital cafeteria food.

My spirometery is up I think I am at about 81% with my FEV/FVC1 I also lost three pounds between my last visit and now.

I packed a bag with my meds, laptop, Ipod, and three days work of hospital clothes; just in case they have ideas of keeping me here.