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Monday, May 18, 2015

Still here I want to go back to work now!


Good folk.  I haven't posted in a while, from now going back 13 months I have had too many spa visits.  I went into rejection March / April of 2014 .....and now the rest of the story...............
  • rejection had me hospitalized April
  • May more rejection and bronchoscopies
  • June emergency surgery appendectomy
  • July new cancer a rare unrelated cancer in the appendix
  • July had more stinking surgery a foot of colon and small intestine was removed
  • August  can't remember
  • Sept. more stinking spa visits
  • Oct 2014 - Jan 2015 more doc visits and bronchs
  • Feb 2015 more doc visits
  • April 2015 colonoscopy (another dang oscopy) 1 polyp bad it was clean (good.... get it a clean polyp out of the colon that is your a$$ NOTHING clean comes out of there.
  • May 2015 trying to return to work, but I hope to telecommute as it would be the safest way for me to work but my employer a govt. contractor in Fort Worth is not on board with the ADA approved accommodation request.  Note my lungs are stable but function a little over 30% and I have portable oxygen to use as needed.
That brings you up to speed, it is the abridged version of the last 13 months.