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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No Rick James ____ Still Hospitalized though

Had a long day and if I need blood/lab work done in the morn. I will set it off with the person trying to stick me, I guess you could say at 5AM with no sleep for days the Phlebotomist pulled the wool over my eyes as she stuck me multiple time to fill multiple blood draw tubes. In the morn or future like I have always done if I have a port and an active open IV line it WILL BE USED or I will be sending another Phlebotomist off in a huff with hurt feelings and a good tongue lashing :-) Rick James style don't take it personally blood draw workers of America.

Found out that my infection (in the chest muscle) is a staph infection so right now the plan is to treat it with antibiotics. I don't anticipate leaving in the hospital until at the earliest May 12/13 weekend time frame and we still have not even began to discuss release dates. TX plans have not been re-worked yet.

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