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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Free at last, so long SPA

I meet with the parole board yesterday evening and they granted me a conditional pardon... (I am on a new oral antibiotic for a few days, the plan in to treat the pneumonia, and the other virus and by doing so the slight rejection will take care of itself)...

Got out of the hospital, DROVE myself home (most of the time you need a responsible person to check you out of the hospital/Spa I guess I am a veteran and the feel I can handle the whole process)

Picked up the girls Raegan (aka diva1) and Ravyn (aka diva2) they were excited to see me, so we shall see how long the peace and harmony last because they don't like to get up early or go to sleep at bedtime.

I looked at my arms and hands today and I am a little worried that someone might mistake me for a junkie given all the needle wounds and bruises I have to remember this spa vacation.

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