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Thursday, March 24, 2011

yet another PET/CT scan

My four year transplant(versary) starts on Friday. I have my CT/PET scan, bone density, abdominal aorta sonogram...and..other test including labs. I will be getting an extra test to check my CMV levels since I have been so tired an sick lately. I hope to meet with doctors from Baylor hospital in Dallas, TX next week during the lung cancer walk in Dallas on 4/3/11. I fell like UTSouthwestern has dropped the ball and no longer see me as patient I fell like a walking / talking medical white paper.

Oh well short post as I need to eat before the magic hour arrives hat means I can't eat after a certain time for fear that the food will mess up the pending test.


  1. Don;t lose good hope...there is a lot of medical help these days and I am sure the journey is tough but not impossible after all,there are many therapies in the new age that help.

  2. All soon shall be well and I am glad that you are fully aware of your condition some are not well informed about their medical condition and ends up untimely.

  3. I hope well for you and be think positive and remain happy and maintain your lifestyle and eating behavior

  4. This blog is great source of information which is very useful for me. Thank you very much.


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