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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Life as a bachelor again

Well the honeymoon also known as Thanksgiving is over and the apartment is really quiite and lonely. Yep I do miss my girls. Their visit was great although I am bit rusty with diaper changing now since it has been several months since I changed a number 2 diaper. Fortunately I only had to do one number 2 diaper as I rode out my LC (lung cancer) card for much of visit when my daughter needed changing (I will have to make that up to my wife with something from Blue Nile soon).

Got my chemo on Monday it was a quick infusion the whole thing only took about an hour total. I haven't noticed any major side effects yet other than being tired alot and having to use the restroom often. Also it seems like my legs are fatigued; the kind of tired you get from hard track workout and doing a heavy leg workout in the same day.

It has been a long year, this time last year I had pneumonia (my diagnosis at the time) had just been promoted at work, was weeks away from the birth of our second daughter, a year away from completing my third masters degree. With all that I have been through I just wish my former primary care physician would have just owned up to the fact that they possibly should have done more test instead of quickly writing a prescription so they could get to the next patient.

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