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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

True feelings letting my hair down

Howdy I thought it was time I be honest with you all and let my hair down about cancer, side effects, and the wait 2 and half months now for 2 new lungs.

I have alot on my mind at times, other times it is totaly blank.

I just can't live the lie anymore

Cancer doesn't cause you to lose your hair it make you aerodynamic and when it grows back it is a mess to deal with

Not everyone can have long flowing locks of hair. Don't hate on the fro it is not my fault. What should I do straighten it out or mess up the furniture with a drip drip curl?


  1. We knew you were crazy, Jerrold, but we didn't know you were scary crazy. Actually, we laughed pretty hard when we saw this -- and that was after seeing the wig in person! UR2funny.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family. Sorry we won't get to meet them this time, but we know we will someday.

    More soon....

    Jenny and Shoob

  2. Definitely straighten. You and Kat Williams can tour the country rockin' the processed-look!


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