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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I found Donuts and other stuff too

Hey folks I have found some donuts they aren't the best Krispy Kreme but not like the ones you get in Winston-Salem mmmMMM now those were some donuts.

I have just been trying to patiently wait for 2 new lungs since all the scares at the end of October. I have come to the conclusion that I need to be comfortable being uncomfortable and expect Murphy's Law to happen at the most unexpected times.

I moved to the pre/post transplant apartment on last week. It is a nice 2 bedroom condo just in time too as the family will be down for TurkeyDay. I do hope I get to spend some time with my wife and youngest daughter but it looks like my oldest daughter will be monopolizing all my time (she is working on an Itinerary) so far on the first day of the trip I am to:
  1. take her to a movie
  2. go to McDonald's
  3. go to Chucky Cheese
  4. go to the library
  5. go horse back riding
  6. go to the candy store
  7. ride the train
  8. read 3 books

As busy as I will be it is a good thing I am right outside of San Fran. and can quickly get to Balco for some energy enhancing (Barry Bonds) cream. :-)

I will be at the doctors office on Thursday (cancer side of the house) getting more CT's scans before I go to work. I get them as early as possible for two reasons:

  1. You have to fast before a CT or PET scan and the quicker I finish the quicker I can stuff my face. Remember I found the donut place.
  2. Since I know I will get stuck over and over again with a large diameter needle as they search for veins that can no longer be accessed (painful) until they decide to use my port I feel it only fair to intimidate the people doing the sticking and let them have as bad a day as I since I will be the one with sore arms and hands all day.

That's all for now.

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