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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Organ Donation

The dot is not enough. By dot or check mark I am referring to the drivers licence indication so many of us have on our drivers licence. The reason the drivers licence is not enough to let emergency room doctors know that you are an organ donors is that in the event you are involved in an accident your licence will not arrive at the hospital with you. After an accident you are transported to the hospital and your vital information often is being used by police or other emergency officials that arrive on the scene to work the accident. If you wish to donate organs, tissue, bone marrow.... you should register yourself online at
using this website the emergency room doctors have instant access to the organ donor registry. With organ donation time is very critical so having information at their fingertips really helps the doctors to know what they need to do with the patient in front of them.

Another note about the organ donation website is that you have control over your status meaning you can put yourself on or take yourself off as you wish; you can also pick and choose what you would like to donate.

A misconception that people have and I would like to dis-spell is that if you are registered to donate organs the doctors will I repeat will do everything possible according to your wishes (as stated in your medical power of attorney form or advanced health care directive) to keep you alive. The doctors won't let you die to simply harvest your organs they are bound by the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm.
Hippocratic Oath


  1. Jerrold,
    I am a fellow LM Aero FW employee. I became aware of your situation via an InSite News article online (posted yesterday).
    I am very happy to hear that you are doing well, and I want you to know that I just now signed up to be an organ donor ( as a result of this BLOG entry.
    I had always intended to do this, but never got around to it. I also never knew that simply having it on your driver's license wasn't enough.
    Good luck in your recovery, and may God Bless and keep you and your Family.
    p.s. You mention in one BLOG about always being able to hit the "curveball". I manage and play on a men's 25-and-over Hardball team in FW. If you ever want to come out and play the "Great Game" again(even for one game), let me know.

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