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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Doc. visit follow-up

I had a pretty good doctor’s visit yesterday, it was just so long. I got in two naps, went through two playlist (15 or more songs each) on my IPod, heard 3 speeches on the IPod, and watched an hours worth of Barney on TV. The Barney part is funny as I was told I could turn away from that channel after the lady with the small child left the waiting area; the only thing is that I am immune to children’s programs I can watch hours of the stuff without a second thought (my daughters have trained me well). By the way my new favorite children’s show is Word World.

Sorry for the tangent above. The doctor’s visit (Lung transplant side of the house) went well; all test and test results were fine this month. My blood work looked good, the X-Ray was clear, and my spirometry is up (FVC is 82% and FEV1 is 84%) I am not at 100% but I hope to get there as the cold and flu season passes I will be able to hit the gym without too many fears which will strengthen my lungs, and build my body up again. I am able to stop some of the meds that I have been on since transplant as I am quickly approaching my first anniversary (3/6/07). The doctors did notice a slight rub when listening to my lungs on the right side around the rib cage, I think it is just scar tissue, I happen to have a lot of scar tissue.

That’s all for now.

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