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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Staying alive, staying out of the hospital

Today I have a renewed sense, feeling of energy, Monday and Tuesday were a different story.

Monday: The day was cut in half as I was forced to leave the girls at the babysitters house and out of daycare; Raegan was still running a fever so she couldn't go to school. I left work to take them both to the pediatrician the result was they both have sinus infections and Raegan has a stomach virus (Ravyn will soon get the stomach virus, I think I already have iiiittt ..... sorry had to make a run). There are now even more meds in the house the girls antibiotics, and I have called half of the army of doctors I see (am seen by) to get antibiotics to try and head off anything, any virus or infection that might come my way in the next few days. I also will have to stay on the daycare they attend to let me, and all the parents know when a contagious disease is going around (pink eye, strep throat...).

Tuesday: Was tired and struggled through work as I got about 2 hours of sleep last night, Raegan was up most of the night not feeling well, and the Stomach virus has been passed (bad choice of words) to Ravyn.

I think we will hit the gym tonight, if it DON'T KILL ME IT WILL MAKE ME STRONGER.

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