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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lung Cancer Research May Lead To Early Detection

Recently I was interviewed by CBS 11 to talk about LC (lung cancer) and my particular case. This interview also mentions that there is some great research being done in the area of non / never smokers that are diagnosed with lung cancer. I really hope this will help people to understand that cancer and YES even lung cancer is an every PERSON disease and no one is excluded from one day possibly having to deal with a similar diagnosis. I never smoked but that is irrelevant; a persons lifestyle does not warrant whether or not they should or should not have lung cancer. The smoking stigma associated with cancer makes it a crime in the court of public opinion for pharmaceutical companies, government, and Joe the average citizen to contribute to lung cancer research.

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  1. I saw the interview Jerrold, it was awesome! I've also posted the link to it on FB and twitter. The exec. prod of cbs11 actually told me about it a couple of weeks in advance so I told everyone!! We're so proud of you for being a voice for survivors! Hope to see you at this years DFW Walk! Hugs,Katie Brown


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