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Monday, December 14, 2009

CT results today

This morn. I will head out to UT Southwestern to get the results from my last CT scan. We shall see what new mysteries the camera will /or/ will not reveal. All I have to save is it the results are less than favorable I will be like a Spider Monkey all over that cancers A**; (I had to work that in after watching Talladega Nights last night).

CT scan(s) showed nothing remarkable (my version of medical speak) they looked all clear, they only noted that they could see scaring from the last surgery. My day still continues though I have more diagnostic test today and to see the skin doctor just to make sure that skin cancer can't pop-up since I am immune suppressed.


  1. Hi Jarrold,

    I am a friend of Bo's Sister and I happened to see the link to your blog from his blog. This is a great blog you have set up! I am wishing you the best in this battle! Reading through your blog it seems like you you are a fighter and great dad!


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