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Monday, April 26, 2010

No more Coughing (ALMOST)

I almost made it through the day without coughing. I had only a few minor tickles in my throat but nothing to be alarmed about. The coughing today is mild compared to what I have been experiencing since the day after we took on Six Flags. I rode too many of the rides that respiratory patients shouldn't ride and just being in such a big crowd I probably picked up some kind of bug. I can't believe that it is almost summer time and my little honor roll student will soon matriculate into the second grade while the little one goes off to kindergarten (private because of her birthday).

Oh well it is good to get back to blogging' and helping' my cancer / transplant hommies. Blogging' affords me an opportunity to dump all these words in my head so I can continue on my thoughtless path in search of the grasshopper.


  1. I'm glad you're back, too, Jerrold. I missed you.

  2. you have a great blog. a fun to read. i admire people intend to create their blog as inspiration to everyone. keep it up.. glad you on the move.

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