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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

to breakup or stay together (UT Southwestern or Baylor medical???)

As unemotional as I would like to make this post, that, is something I can not do. I am pretty pissed about several aspects of my care and condition management at UT Southwestern. Before I address the medical elephant in the room I have been advised to not burn bridges... my response is bridges burn both ways.

Let's tackle the elephant.
  • I am disappointed with the lack of communication between oncology, thoracic surgery, and the lung transplant clinic.
  • I am pissed and saying what the hell as I learn more about RFA as a minimally invasive procedure that can be used to kill cancer nodules in the lung(s).
  • If you recall I had a 1.5 cm nodule surgically removed by a wedge resection 3/2009. I have recently learned that the thoracic surgeon can do RFA procedures. My beef is why wasn't I offered this treatment option . Why did they elect to take almost 1/3 of my right lung.
  • There is are no plans in place as to how recurrences will be dealt with.
  • Oncology won't help me get my info. together to pass it on to UCLA so I can possibly have the RFA procedure done on my 5mm nodule in my right lung.

Short Rant I am getting feed-up I am not willing to give anymore huge chunks of lung tissue to research.

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  1. I can completely understand your case where so much help and medical expertise is required if there is no coordination between all the departments there could be chaos thus resulting in utter disgust for the ones in need of good help.


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