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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quickly approaching the 5 year mark

Quickly coming' up on the 5year mark of my stage 4diagnosis of BAC lung cancer. I never should have made it but I did so, suck egg conservative members of the medical community who felt obligated to still my joy and try and take away my hope. 2/1/2011 is gonna be a good and better night even though I have a pending surgery weighing on me.


  1. I am sure you are doing it bravely.It is hard to deal with this disease for it tries to kill you mentally...but there is a lot of research and findings and better hope for all of you.Hope you a healthy recovery.

  2. Hang in there Jerrold. God has got your back. Like you I have Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (BAC). Like you I am a dad - I have 4 kids. Like you I am a veteran. I was exposed to ionizing radiation while on nuclear duty. Rated at 100% disability, total and permanent, by Veterans Affairs. Was diagnosed on August 6, 1997. Today is February 25, 2010. You do the math :) To this day, I am still undergoing treatment. Three (3) thoracotomy; Three (3) lobectomy; Nine (9) broken ribs; Eight (8) chest tubes; One (1) Trach; Thirty eight (38) days in a coma; Eighty seven (87) cycles of chemotherapy and targeted drug therapy with Carboplatin; Gemzar; Alimta; EC145; Sutent; Taxol; Avastin; Tarceva; Neupogen; Decadron. Still kicking! Hang in there brother. Doctors know a lot and mean well but only God decides when you go home.

  3. I meant to say today is February 25, 2011 - not 2010.

  4. You sounds spirited and that is what is necessary to fight the hard disease.I wish you many more long surviving healthy years.


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