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Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Results SUCKED

My results sucked. Two nodules bot 9mm and in my right lung. The doctors at UTSW are trying to presuade me to go with SBRT as a treatment but I am not sold. I will still look for the best option FOR ME Note:... I am not a lab rat.


  1. Hi sorry to hear about this but wow 5 years ! Hope you can win this battle ! My brother just died at 35 on the 26th sept , he had NSCLC stage 4 and it went to his bones and liver about 2 mouths ago , he was told he had LC about Feb this year , we tryed DCA near the end but was to late , have you see this DCA it looks good ,try looking on YouTube and google it might work !
    All the best from the bottom of my heart !!!

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