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Sunday, June 01, 2014

ER trip 6/1/14 10pounds of fluid in 2 days

Really disappointed today after having to go the ER at about 0300 this morning.  I didn’t know what was going on, I gained 10 pounds since May 28, 2014 (all fluid retention from IV bags).  I thought I might be getting some of the fluid in my lungs and around my heart but the EKG, x-ray, and labs looked unremarkable (good news).  My hands, legs and feet are / were so swollen I can’t even comfortably wear shoes right now.  With the diagnostic test done and unremarkable I was given a Lasik pill to help take off some of the water I plan to see my primary care doctor on Monday.
I think I might be breaking up with Baylor Medical in Dallas (going have to get some chocolates and and flowers for that other teaching hospital in Dallas from whence I came), I called the operator a Baylor Dallas requesting a heart or lung transplant doctor on-call to update them on my status since I am in a current state of rejection….long story short after 4 calls and being bounced around I got no one connected the transplant office   (Pissed as hell to get good medicine you need to have good bi-lateral communication for the partnership to work)  if I can’t get good communication to go along with good medical care I will seek it out elsewhere.
I did learn from the ER doc that treated me that I don’t have to have the Sodium IV bags when I get procedures done,   so no Sodium IV bags for me!!!!!

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