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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Chemo Day (comes again)

Had an interesting ride into the hospital this morning. Some guy was on the road and was already having a bad day taking out his frustration on the other drivers on El Camino Real. This guy offered me a chance to get in an early morning workout as he decided to challenge other drivers on the road, I unfortunately gave him a pass and came on into the hospital but I am not so sure the other drivers on the road did not take him up on his challenges. There is a lesson that I am trying to pass along to the early morning drivers near cancer centers wherever you are located. It is in your best interest not to challenge cancer patients on their way to chemo, don't make any sudden movements toward us, and don't look us directly in the eye in a challenging manner b/c we are already tense, on edge, and ready to "Pop the Pop off". Unknown driver please know this I am 5 pounds short of bringing Sexy back my pre-cancer weight of 240 so in three weeks when I ride in for my next chemo I might not give you a pass Mr. 8 A.M. angry driver.

Disclaimer: I don't advocate violence but, you are not of a normal mindset on treatment days; your thoughts and actions are different so you can make it through.

Another day, another hit of rat poison #7, with a vitamin B-12, and steroid chaser.

CT results were stable.

Lung Functionality is down.

That is about it time to head to the apartment and sleep.

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  1. I just want to pray for you, Jerrold. Dear Lord almighty Savior, Please Daddy, please heal your son, Jerrold. Please heal this day where he doesn't even have to have surgery. I know you can do it, you say it in John 14:11-14 that you WILL do whatever we ask in your son's name if it brings Glory to you. Lord, this will bring glory to you, so many people could come to you through this healing so Lord please heal him completely in Jesus Christ's name. Amen.


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