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Thursday, January 25, 2007

chemo day cometh once again

Chemo Day "Rat poison #7" is upon us once again.

The side effects of this poison are finally start to come to the surface (bad skin, joint pain, vomiting / nausea), Oh well so much for this chemo being easier than the other Rat poison cocktails I have had.

Note to cancer infusion rooms everywhere we need Patch Adams. The chemo infusion rooms are dark in spirit and down right sad the doctors, nurses, patients, and care givers should be able to have some fun. We aren't at a funeral so even while getting the juice we should be able to have some fun live a little.

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  1. God Bless you and your sweet family. Your story has touched my heart, and I am praying for your two new longs to arrive quickly and for your healing. You have also made me an organ donor in full. (I used to only list liver and kidneys for some dumb reason! now I will donate all of my organs!) Keep the faith and stay strong. HE is using you, I hope you can somehow find some peace in that knowledge.
    Again, GOD BLESS YOU!


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