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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Spa is tryin' to KILL ME.....

Well it is Wednesday and I think I am on the mend now I have been sick for the since my spa visit on Monday. I was perfectly healthy going into the doctor’s visit but when you have to see multiple specialists in one day it leads to a long spa visit. I learned a lesson that I will in the future bring a lunch on Spa days at UT Southwestern. I came down with food poisoning from eating some nasty crap they over charge everyone for at the Spa cafeteria. The food poisoning had me hugging porcelain for two days and filling like I had been in a football game as my ribs and insides were and still are hurting. Where is my old Pele lunch box from back in the day?

Aside from getting sick or being made sick at the Spa, my visit was good; my breathing is up and getting stronger, I also am still cancer free. I will be seeing a dermatologist since the meds leave you susceptible to other cancers with skin cancer being one of the cancers that the doctors worry about.

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