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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stand Off

Had a medical stand-off, or at least I stood my ground which is not a first (or Last) for me (medically speaking). I had to go see the pulmonologist locally that monitors my sleep or lack there of. I told expressed to him that I wan not going to ever where that CPAP mask again, the engineering of it is flawed and leave much to be desired from a comfort level, I am now going to go with the oral device that a dentist will have to make for me. He also spoke about how bad I looked when he first saw and meet me in the hospital almost 3years ago and that from a medical standpoint had I not had such a radical course of treatment I would be dead by now. Lastly we discussed if anyone in the medical community was writing / re-writing their whitepapers about my case, and I told him I had don’t interviews and other media events but I was unsure about medical papers as I think they are waiting until the five year mark and all their old theories are blown out of the water.

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