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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BAD news from the CT scan results

The CT results revealed a 7mm spot of interest in the bottom right lower lobe of my lung (at this point we don't know what the spot is); it is too small to wand, and would not be seen by doing a bronch; so keeping with the aggressive treatment plan that I have set for myself since my diagnosis the logical course of action is to surgically remove it then get the pathology report on it to help determine follow on treatments.

The news really didn't surprise me, I wish I could have heard it three or four years down the line but its all good I will just have to increase my exercise regiment over the next 3 weeks I am thinking about (75 minutes on the treadmill, 100 push ups, and 100 reps with my ab will each day until....)

I am glad that my sidekick for the day wasn't really aware of the news I was receiving in the doctors office, I had here playing games, and drawing pictures on the computer.


  1. Jerrold,
    I will continue to pray that it is not the BAC that has returned and that God will continue to fill you with hope.

  2. Jerrold,

    I read your blog regularly for laughter and truth. I too have BAC (never smoked) and I see that I'm on your list of blogs to read. Imagine that? 3 years later and we're both still here. Apparently those statistics are not for the strong at heart!

    Sorry to hear about your "spot" but keep thinking positive and exercising it away.

    Stay strong and keep dreaming big...

    Doreen Schmitt
    Stanwood, Washington

  3. Hoping for a good outcome, Jerrold.

  4. Here's hoping the spot is nothing. Hang in there, Jerrold!

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