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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Doctors Visit today

Today I will be going to get the results of my CT scan which took place in January of this year. I try to get my CT scans at the same place on the same machine for consistency so there won't be much variance in the photo as the latest CTs are compared with the older CTs. I also have to stop by the Heart / Lung Clinic to pick-up my prescriptions (a side note about prescriptions use the mail order, get a 90 day supply, and compare the prices with one of your local super store pharmacy's to get the best price, my first set of transplant meds cost me $410.00 and that was just for 1 month.).

Oh well heading to the hospital with my Raegan as a sidekick I am keeping her out of school today as she was sick all last night. I try to shelter the girls from as many of the medical hurdles I must stumble through as possible but today she will get to hang with me as we go to this routine oncology visit, pick up prescriptions, and pick up my oral device from my dentist office (to help with the sleep apnea due to the prednisone swelling the neck 20 inches and growing back to my football days eh???)

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  1. I'm waiting to here the results Jerrold. You know I am praying and pulling for you. I officially go on the list at St. Paul's March 1.


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