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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Annual Transplant Exam (PaperWork)

I received my paperwork today, containing my schedule for my annual transplant evaluation. The paperwork consisted of various appointments I would have with the transplant doctors, other specialist, and a little surprise.

Transplant doctors related appointments:
Day 1:
First and foremost staving NPO (no food or water) from midnight the night before my first appointment until after my bronchcoscopy at 1400 on Thursday 4/10/08; 2 to 3 hours after the procedure. If you are counting that is about 17 to 18 hours because you really can’t eat until 1600 to 1700; a long time without food.

Blood work
Abdominal / Aorta ultrasound
Chest X-Ray / CT Scan
Bone Density Scan
Bronch (Biopsy and wash of lungs)

Day 2:
NPO (no food or water/drink) after midnight.
Barium swallow (chest and abdomen) X-Ray
PFT’s (pulmonary function test), 6 minute walk

Other doctors / medical specialist:
Dentist / Orthodontist
Eye Exam (check for glaucoma, Cataracts, CMV and Retinitis)
Prostate Exam (this test might not take place for the obvious reasons i.e. male ego at play here need I say more)

The Little Surprise:
Had a little package included with the schedule that the hospital sent to me to have another test/cancer screen done. In an effort to keep this story short, sweet and maintain my journalistic integrity as a professional (ha ha ha) I am supposed to capture my fecal matter for a colorectal cancer screen over three days. The funny thing is I didn’t receive any glove, mask, or hasmat suits to collect this SH*T I mean stuff and mail it back. I guess the post office is a logistical marvel as they do move a lot of SH*T.

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