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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Yesterday, was Hell

Yesterday was Hell to get through as I was trying a new medicine to help with my neuropathy. The medicine was Cymbalta and it is/was to help with my neuropathy as I stated before, the side effects I experienced after one day were more than I want to deal with on a daily basis. I will just grin and bear my neuropathy and just fight through the pain as I start to work out. On the Cymbalta I felt sluggish, my legs were gone, and my stomach was uneasy too. I fell better now.

One thing I have noticed recently and would feel like I am doing a disservice to everyone that works if I don't comment on the fact that if you work and are sick stay home, don't spread the wealth of germs you have built up within your body, work will always be there; if you don't take care of you and your health who will?????

Wheeee I am off of my soapbox now. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, I may have to revisit this soapbox again so be forewarned.

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