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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

“Janet Sims’ Transplant Fund”

Have A Heart Campaign

Mrs. Sims, a 40 year old mother of 3, has a disease called Sarcoidosis, she had a successful double lung an heart transplant in February of 2007. Two months shy of her annual post transplant operation, her lungs went into chronic rejection and she had to be relisted for another transplant. The second operation was a success also. Now Mrs. Sims begins her road to recovery, thanking God for another chance at life. It is our hope and desire that you would assist us in with your donations to this worthy cause and to this valiant woman of God who has committed her life to God.

What is Sarcoidosis?

Sarcoidosis involves inflammation that produces tiny lumps of cells called granulomas in various organs of the body. These granulomas can grow and clump together in an organ and affect how the organ functions. It usually affects the lungs, lymph nodes in the chest cavity, skin, eyes and liver.

The Expense of Aftercare

Janet is currently hospitalized at Stanford University Medical Center recovering from her second transplant. She will be required to live in the Stanford/San Jose California area for extensive outpatient medical care after the transplant for a minimum of three to four months.
Her husband Mr. Sims will be her caregiver for her aftercare and will have to undergo training to learn how to assist Mrs. Sims. This will require him to temporarily relocate to the Stanford area to care for his wife and take on the expense of maintaining to places of residences, Nevada and California The cost of transportation for her, her husband and her family, housing, expensive medications, food and other necessities is estimated to reach at least $30,000.

Our Commitment to You and Mrs. Sims

Rest assured that 100% of your donation will be used exclusively for Mrs. Sims’ care during this catastrophic illness. Our prayer is that your generosity will be restored to you 100 times and that God’s will richly bless you with all that you have need of. Please keep The Sims family in your prayers as they trust God through this difficult time.

Thank you in advance for your loving kindness. God Bless You,
Seglinda Chaney, Fund Trustee and Friend of Mrs. Janet SimsMake a donation

Visit any Wells Fargo bank and contribute to the “Janet Sims’ Transplant Fund”
Account # 2296701622
Routing # 321270742
Make checks payable to: Janet Sims Transplant Fund.
By Mail: Janet Sims
6223 E. Sahara Ave. Sp.155

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