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Monday, February 19, 2007

CT scan in the Morn

Life as a bachelor sucks, I am back to my normal grind and I don't like it at all but it is a short term sacrifice to the long term risk I have chosen to take (take a risk and grow old).

I have a CT in the morn. and it should be routine but it seems that CT's, petscans, x-rays are never routine. I always have to answer the question about smoking, I NEVER SMOKED please stop asking; (I am going to get some t-shirts made that point to my blog) I hope such an action will stop all questions, also I am wondering if I will have to stand my ground when the tech wants to use my arm rather than my chest port to pump me full of CT contrast.

Oh well another day down and I can't complain
"The boy with no shoes never knew how good he had it until he met the boy with no feet"

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